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Tum Blasting Machine
MAchinery Details

SBBE Tum blasting machines are specially designed , chambers of sturdy steel fabrication and easy for maintenance to cleaning of casting in single pass in an economical way.

Capacity: 200 Kgs to 2000 Kgs per batch

Tum Blasting Machine
Salient Features
Tum Blasting Machine
Technical Specification
CabinChambers of sturdy steel fabrication. Areas directly exposed to shot stream is lined with wear resistant materials and other areas with heavy duty wear resistant rubber/manganese steel plate lining.
ElevatorThe elevator carrying the shots with dust. It is to be separated at topside of the elevator. The dust and other light particles are sucked out into the dust collector through the pipelines.
Gatting SystemThe shots opening and closing is being done by manually or pneumatically
Impeller WheelHousing made out of heavy duty steel materials and precisely machined. Inside the housing is lining of wear resistant materials to protect from wear and quantity ensure that the castings are cleaned in one pass.
Dust Collecting SystemDust collecting by means of cyclone system and fabric filter bags arrangement ensures complete collection of duct particles through the pipe lines. The pure air leaves to atmosphere through the blower. Hence no dust to environment.
Tum Blasting Machine
Technical Specification Table
Blasting Area Size22" x 28"28" x 36"36″ X 44″
Load Carrying Capacity150 to 200 Kgs300 to 350 Kgs500 to 600 Kgs
No of Impellers1 x 375 mm1 x 375 mm1 x 375 mm
Working Local Capacity150 Kgs300 Kgs 500 Kgs
Shot Flow per minute150 Kgs240 Kgs 240 Kgs
Cycle Time5 to 8 minutes5 to 8 minutes5 to 8 minutes
Total Power Required19 Hp24 Hp36 Hp
Cleaning of Castings / Hour1 Tone2.5 Tones4 Tones
Type of Dust CollectCassette Type FilterCassette Type FilterCassette Type Filter
Machine Dimension :
(A) Length1200 mm1400 mm1565 mm
(B) Width1330 mm1500 mm1900 mm
(C) Height3800 mm4200 mm4750 mm
Floor Space Required :
Length (L)5000 mm6000 mm7500 mm
Width (W)5000 mm6000 mm6500 mm
Tum Blasting Machine
Optional Accessories
TUM Blasting Machine
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