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Core Sand Mixers
MAchinery Details

SBBE Core Sand Mixers are specially designed, sturdy in construction and easy for maintenance to mix the sand and othe fine aggregates. The Sand mixed in the mixer improves the finish and strength. The quality of mixing is ensure by scrappers. Best quality and tested raw materials are used and hence long life os ensured even at high working rate.

Capacity: 50 Kgs to 500 Kgs

Core Sand Mixers
Technical Details
Shell :Shell is protected with wear resisting replaceable bottom plates and the side
walls within the zone of the scrappers are provided with renewable and
Scrappers : The scarppers are so designed that the mix materials throughly. The side ribs that are mounted in the side walls can bring the material from the side to the centre of the mixer.
Drive : Electric motor coupled to worm reduction gear box through 'V' belts.
Loding of raw materials :Manual or by using the skip loader.
Un-Loading of Mix : Side discharge can be operated manually to unload the materials
Optionals : a. Raw Materials loading skip charger.
b. Pneumatically operated discharge door
Core Sand Mixers
Technical Specification
SBBE 7575 Kgs600450125 X 1753 HPV. 3
SBBE 100100 Kgs700500125 X 2005 HPV. 4
SBBE 150150 Kgs900550150 X 2507.5 HPV. 5
SBBE 200200 TO 230 Kgs1200550175 X 25012.5 HPV. 6
SBBE 250250 TO 300  Kgs1250600200 X 30015 HPV. 7
SBBE 500500 Kgs1600700225 X 35020 HPV. 9
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