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Intensive Mixers
MAchinery Details

Intensive Mixer are specially designed, sturdy in construction and easy for maintenance to mix the Green sand and Aggregates. The Green Sand mixed in Intensive mixer improve the finish and strength due to attrition exerted by the high speed rotation of blunders. The quality of mixing is ensure by the scrappers and blunder assembly. Best quality and tested raw materials are used and hence long life ensured even at high working rate.

Capacity: 150 Kgs to 1000 Kgs

Intensive Mixer
Technical Specification
Main Drive :
Electric motor coupled to worm reduction gear box through 'V' Belts.
Blunder Drive :
Electric motor coupled to blumder housing through 'V' belts.
Scrappers :
The scarppers are so designed to mix the sand and aggregates at very high quality rate. The scrappers are braced with tungstun carbide tips or fully hardened special steel.
Shell :
Shell is separed in two parts, thai is easy for maintenance work. The shell is protected with wear resisting replaceable bottom plates and the shell side is protected with the wear resisiting replaceable polymer ot poly proplyne sheets.
Blunder Assembly :
It will be used for broken the lumps and also increse the speed of mixer rate at high quality. The blade surfaces are welded with harened steel material which is easily replaceable.
Loading of Raw Materials :
Skip Loader is best for loading raw materials into the storage hopper.It will be operated by pneumatically.
Unloading og Mix :
Discharging of mix through side door operated by pneumatically.
Optionals :
a. Water Dosing Pump with arrangements
b. Panel Board with suitable arrangements
c. Raw Materials loading skip charger
Intensive Mixer
Technical Specification Table
MODELBatch Capacity in KgsPAN DIA in mmPAN Height mmDischarge DoorGear BoxPower Main Motor in HPBlunder Motor in HPTotal Power in HP
SBBE 1501501150600175 x 250V5538
SBBE 2502501250700200 X 300V7157.522.5
SBBE 5005001650900200 X 350V9201030
SBBE 75075018001100250 X 400V10301545
SBBE 1000100020001300300 x 450V12402060
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