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SBBE makes the fluidized bed type sand cooler which ensures the effective
cooling of sand through double effect both by water and air cooling, during the
process the sand is also cooled for reoperation. Soon after the vibratory feed the
sand found would be in high temperature. The sand to metal and the holding time
of the metal inside the mould determines the amount of heat that is to be removed.
Cooled sand is necessary for a perfect and clean casting surface. After the process
of cooling i.e. after the sand has been allowed inside the cooler and once the
process is over the temperature of the sand becomes half, (from 200oC to 100oC).

The uniform flow for the sand to get cooled is achieved by the belt from the surge
hopper which has to be maintained between maximum and minimum level where
the hot sand is ported into the cooling conveyor. Air and Water are sprayed
through the nozzles present above the conveyor; the vibrations help the sand mix
well, which in turn cools the sand.

Capacity: 3 Ton to Ton/Hour

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